By Tessa on Aug 9, 2015 in Resources

After the autumn conferences 2015 you will find under 10 Stepping Stones  a range of resources designed to help parishes wishing to develop in particular areas.

To get you started have a look at the Congregational Life Cycle: invite a representative group from your parish to discuss where you are on the cycle and what actions might lead to growth rather than decline.

Also you will find a Preparation Course which is designed simply to get discussion going about what it means for your parish to develop as God wants it to. It focuses on 6 key areas – Welcome, Fellowship, Worship and Nurture, Service and Caring, Communication and Ministry and Leadership – and may bring to the surface issues that need to be looked at as well as areas of progress to be celebrated.

To download this information please click on the links below. It will then be possible to open it on your computer

» Preparation course

» Church life cycle

» Making the most of these resources