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Welcome to Church21, the home of Parish Development in the Church of Ireland.

Many churches in Ireland are recognising the need to respond in new ways to the challenges and opportunities presented to them in a continually changing landscape. Church21 seeks to develop a network of such churches in the hope that we can share ideas and resources and provide for one another the kind of support that comes when we travel on new pathways with fellow adventurers.

We do not offer a step by step programme that will meet the needs of every church because we do not believe that any such programme exists. Instead we plan to run regular Parish Development Conferences to stimulate interest and to offer motivation to those engaged on a journey of development. We are also in the process of building up a toolbox of practical resources that can be adapted for use by a parish of any shape or size.

Please explore the site to find out what’s happening next and how you can be involved.

Make 2017 the year to attend the Conference. Your Parish will enjoy the benefits. For full details click on Conference 2017 at the top of this page